“At Sonophilia we create intimate gatherings that stir honest, supportive and stimulating relationships leading to fruitful collaborations between highly inspiring people” – Seda Röder

About Sonophilia
Sonophilia Retreats are worldwide unique events devoted to celebrating human creativity.

Founded by Seda Röder aka “the Piano Hacker”, Sonophilia is an invitation-only network of international executives, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs. The members of the Sonophilia Network meet globally in private retreats and salons to discuss and explore creative synergies between the different disciplines. The program at Sonophilia events consists of keynotes, panels, workshops and concerts, all of which share the motto: “do not outsource creativity”.

The Sonophilia Retreat is an invitation-only event. However we have a very limited amount of Sonophilia Passes available for new friends. To join our network please send us a message and tell us how your presence would enrich our community.

Request Invitation

To apply send us an email and tell us how your presence would enrich our community. Our email address is info@sonophilia.com. We will respond as soon as possible to let you know if your application has been successful and provide registration information at that time.