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Creative Leadership Forum

Somnium; dreaming of other worlds… *


January 18-20, 2019

Somnium; dreaming of other worlds… 

Join us for a Forum filled with insightful discussions, creative encounters and inspiring people dedicated to science, fiction and space.

  • * Somnium: (Latin for “The Dream”) is a novel written in 1608, in Latin, by Johannes Kepler. Somnium is considered the first serious scientific treatise on lunar astronomy and is referred to as one of the first novels in science-fiction by Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov.

Our Inspirers


Jeff Burton

Co-Founder of HolodeckVR & Electronic Arts

Lorenzo Feruglio

CEO | Aiko Autonomous Space Missions

Antje Hundhausen

Vice President Brand Experience | Deutsche Telekom

Seda Röder

Founder | Sonophilia
About Sonophilia

Sonophilia Retreats are worldwide unique events devoted to celebrating the power of creativity and imagination.Founded by Seda Röder aka “the Piano Hacker”, Sonophilia is an invitation-only network of international executives, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs. The members of the Sonophilia Network meet globally in private retreats and salons to discuss and explore creative synergies between the different disciplines. The program at Sonophilia events consists of keynotes, panels, workshops and concerts, all of which share the motto: “innovation is applied creativity”.

HOW TO REQUEST AN INVITE: The Sonophilia Retreat is an invitation-only event. However we have a very limited amount of Sonophilia Passes available for new friends. To join our network please send us a message to and tell us how your presence would enrich our community.

Wow! 🎬 Before the Sonophilia Summer Retreat even really started we had already a great gathering at the Salzburger Kunstverein with inspiring Art before new and old Sonophilians met for dinner! Thank you for this wonderful first day in Salzburg, Seda Röder! ❤️💙💜In the next two days we will explore creative synergies between arts, sciences, tech and business in the secluded setting of the Austrian Alps. Stay tuned... ✌️🤓👍

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