to live up to their

full creative potential


Sonophilia Foundation is a non-profit organization
devoted to advancing the scientific research of creative and
critical thinking in the world.



You can join our pursuit by becoming a benefactor in our Sonophilian™ community.

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Fill out the application form.

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Have a conversation with the membership committee.

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Start your journey by introducing yourself in our community call.

Fill out the application form.

Have a conversation with the membership committee.

Start your journey by introducing yourself in our community call.


Connect to fellow Sonophilian change makers for inspiration and collboration.

Take on an active role in our non-profit initiatives that promote a scientific approach to creativity & critical thinking in the world.

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We all seek opportunities for networking, leadership, and shelter from transactional and exploitative patterns which emerge from modern life. Few organisations deliver meaningfully against these needs. Sonophilia stands out as a community because of its relentless focus on creativity and critical thinking as the engine of our individual and collective sustainability.  Everyone can recognise these abilities in themselves if they’re willing to make the attempt; what sets Sonophilians apart is their collective fearlessness in doing so.

Andy Zmolek

Co-Founder & CEO | Phracta

Since joining 4 years ago, Sonophilia has been a wonderful addition to my world of networking. It brought to me intellectual food for thought on innovation thinking, creative leadership and also a more regular exposure to the arts and music – all in an exclusive and rather private setting for deep discussions on an eye to eye level much different to the big conferences of our times. It also equipped me instantly with a network of top thinkers, makers, innovators and rule breakers for feedback and support in my business and product work areas. On a personal level, and that is maybe the most beautiful thing I can say – I made REAL new friends with a similar set of values & interests. If under time constrains I would need to skip a conference or an event, I will always make it a point to attend Sonophilia.

Eva Wimmers

SONOPHILIA Foundation | Member of the Advisory Board

Sonophilia makes me follow my attitude with action. The exchange with people from all industries and branches affects me like the fire on the fuse. Great ideas from this community don’t fade into the back of everyone’s mind over time, but are tackled and brought to light. This opportunity to be able to shape change myself is a real added value for my own development.

Holger Seier

Head of Innovation Marketing,
Corporate Innovation | Evonik

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