June 7 – 9, 2019


As a species, we have already achieved tremendous progress. However, can we say that we are living up to our full potential? But, why not make better use of today’s technologies and solutions to solve and prevent future problems?

Join us at the Sonophilia Embassy in Düsseldorf hosted by our Ambassador Eva Wimmers to discuss how to better harness our potential today to improve the state of the world tomorrow.

Our Inspirers

We will be posting topics and inspirers soon. Please check back later.


Eva Wimmers

Sonophilia Ambassador | President Europe Huawei Honor

Seda Röder

Founder | Sonophilia


June 7, 2019: 6pm. Pre-event Dinner. Location tba.

June 8, 2019: 9am – 10pm. Sonophilia Embassy, Leadership Forum. Location tba.

June 9, 2019: 11am – 1pm. Private tour. Location tba.

A detailed program announcement will be made four weeks before the event. Please check back later.

About Sonophilia

Sonophilia Creative Leadership Forums are worldwide unique events devoted to celebrating the power of creativity and imagination. Founded by Seda Röder aka “the Piano Hacker”, Sonophilia is an invitation-only network of international executives, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs. The members of the Sonophilia Network meet globally in private retreats and salons to discuss and explore creative synergies between the different disciplines. The program at Sonophilia events consists of keynotes, panels, workshops and concerts, all of which share the motto: “innovation is applied creativity”.

HOW TO GET AN INVITE: The Sonophilia Creative Leadership Forum is an invitation-only event. Invites are granted only to those who have been suggested through a member of the Sonophilia Network.

Wow! 🎬 Before the Sonophilia Summer Retreat even really started we had already a great gathering at the Salzburger Kunstverein with inspiring Art before new and old Sonophilians met for dinner! Thank you for this wonderful first day in Salzburg, Seda Röder! ❤️💙💜In the next two days we will explore creative synergies between arts, sciences, tech and business in the secluded setting of the Austrian Alps. Stay tuned... ✌️🤓👍

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