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Creative AI: Future or Paradox?
Redefining Arts & Creativity in the Age of Technology
Can computers be capable of creative work independent of human interference? What will the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of creativity be? Can solely computer generated art still be considered “Art” in today’s terms? Is AI a blessing that will finally help scale our creative output or is it an illusion that will cheapen the creative labor?
Many new questions arise with the application of AI on creative fields such as visual arts, literature or music. Now, the time has arrived to discuss the impact of technology and to redefine arts & creativity in the age of AI. The Sonophilia Spark is a salon dedicated to opening in-depth discussions with worldwide experts from the fields of creative AI, deep learning, business and arts.
About Sonophilia Spark

Sonophilia gatherings are worldwide unique events devoted to celebrating creativity.


Sonophilia Spark is the new, half-day format of Sonophilia with expert keynotes, discussions and audience participation. At the Sonophilia Spark you will have a first-hand experience of cutting edge developments in arts, design, creativity and technology.


The Spark is open to everyone who wants to experience the Sonophilia Way of Life. The Sonophilia Spark event on October 13th, 2017 is created and curated specifically for the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Arts+ (max. 50 seats).


“Because Innovation is Applied Creativity”

About Our Partners

The Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse) is the world’s largest trade fair for books. It is considered to be the most important book fair in the world for international deals and trading with more than 7000 exhibitors from over 100 countries, approx. 300.000 visitors and 10.000 international journalists.

THE ARTS+ at the Frankfurt Book Fair is the business festival for those who create pioneering partnerships for the smart use of creative content.

Your Ticket Includes:

  • Inspiring Talks and Discussions with Leading AI Experts
  • All Access Pass to Frankfurt Book Fair
  • Access Pass to the Sonophilia Spark Private Hall
  • All Access Pass to Arts+ Festival
  • Access to a Unique Community of Creative Leaders
Our Inspirers

Seda Röder

Founder of Sonophilia

Innovation is Applied Creativity


Jarno Eerola

Founder & CEO



Ahmed Elgammal


Rutgers University Department of Computer Science


Michael Breidenbrücker

Entrepreneur & Investor



Matthias Bethge

Co-Founder, Director of BethgeLab for Integrative Neuroscience @ Tübingen University

DeepArt: An Algorithm of Artistic Style


Chris Boos

Founder & CEO

Arago AG


Ed Rex

Founder & CEO



Matthias Röder

CEO & Founder

Karajan Institute Salzburg & Karajan Music Tech


Mario Klingemann

AI Artist, Neurographer

Artist in Residence Google Cultural Institute


Marcelo Stamm

Head of Research & Innovation @ School of Design & Architecture RMIT University Melbourne


2pm – Opening Remarks by Seda Röder and Holger Volland (VP Frankfurter Buchmesse)

2:10pm – Machine Generated Art, Keynote by Ahmed Elgammal

2:40pm – AI in Arts and Design, Keynote by Mario Klingemann

3:10pm – Deep Learning in Arts, Keynote Matthias Bethge

3:40pm – The Visual AI, Panel w/ Seda Röder, Ahmed Elgammal, Marcelo Stamm, Mario Klingemann

4:25pm – Short Break

4:45pm – Understanding AI, Keynote Hans-Christian Boos

5:15pm – AI Generated Music, Keynote Ed Newton Rex

5:45pm – The Musical AI, Panel w/ Matthias Röder, Michael Breidenbrücker, Jarno Eerola, Ed Newton Rex.

6:30pm – Stage is Yours

7pm: Closing Reception co-hosted by the Frankfurter Buchmesse, Arts+, Sonophilia and MLove.

Program is subject to change.